SeaBass Thunder Minnow

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Originally designed for Sea Bass, the Sea Bass Minnow from Storm has found its way into tackle boxes worldwide. Though its application has broadened from sea bass to a range of species both in freshwater and in salt. This slim-lined delicacy flies flawlessly over the water during a cast, and rattles and shakes with a wide rolling action just under it. The internal long-cast mechanism doubles as a seductive rattle during a standard retrieve. As a slow rising floater, the Sea Bass Minnow allows anglers to fish heavy structure and plot tactical retrieve courses which allow the lure to pass through many otherwise, forbidding areas - often the habitats of big predatory game fish. Take advantage of the Sea Bass Minnow's aerodynamic design; utilize this lure during circumstances where others may not perform at their peak, such as shore-based angling where casting to likely looking spots may otherwise be out of reach; or when facing a strong headwind - Storm's Sea Bass Minnow cuts through the atmosphere with ease.

  •   Features:
  •   Rattling slim shaped specialty for sea bass
  •   Long cast mechanism with a moving BB
  •   Super sharp VMC hooks
  •   Wide rolling action on a steady retrieve
  •   Fast burn & stop to create searching action
  •   Slow rising, floating