Tribal Long-Cast

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A member of Shimano’s time-tested Tribal range of carp rods, the Tribal LC is designed to meet the serious angler’s needs for accurate long-distance casting.

Featuring a balanced blend of Low Resin Content carbon, High Pressure Carbon processing and 1K strengthening wrap, the Tribal Longcast rods are among the most responsive carp blanks that Shimano have ever produced and will improve any angler's casting performance.

Constructed from low-resin content carbon utilising high-pressure carbon processing and a 1K strengthening wrap, the Tribal LC was made for serious casting performance. The rod’s finished construction masterfully balances this rod, combining the ability to make accurate long-range casts while maintaining the sensitivity necessary for playing fish. Finished with solid components and Shimano’s trademark craftsmanship, the Tribal LC has been built to last.

The Shimano Tribal LC is another member of the Tribal family that offers heavy-hitting performance in a high-spec, lightweight rod. Built with Shimano’s trademark quality, these rods are an excellent addition to any angler’s arsenal.

Each rod action has been specifically developed around its test curve - the higher the test curve the greater the blank compression.