7253BN Fast Grip

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The first point with three micro-barbs to ensure that hook setting is instant with only 1/3 of the pressure of a regular hook. Whilst the upper micro-barb guarantees swift hook-bite, the two lower micro-barbs prevent the fish from slipping off, even when the line is slack. The Fastgrip point also reduces damage compared to a regular barbed hook : it lessens bleeding and prevents wounding. Catch and release fishing practices are significantly improved.

VMC Vanadium hooks owe their success to their lightness allied with their incredible resistance : up to 25% increased strength.

Vanadium is much lighter than regular high carbon steel, a great advantage when assembling the hook on a lure or fishing with live bait. You can also afford to have a thinner wire diameter without compromising on resistance. VMC Vanadium steel is perfect for any finesse style hooks that require instant penetration.