Baitrunner® XT-A LC

Regular price R 4,374.91

The ultimate long range carp and specimen reel, based on the original Baitrunner Long Cast which was commonly regarded as the definitive Big Pit reel.

New version features Aero Wrap II line lay and an AR-C spool which means that your maximum casting distance is improved.

Five shielded A-RB bearings have been added to make the reel smoother on the retrieve and icrease durability. Re-designed gears minimize friction and increase power transfer from handle to rotor. Long aluminium handle helps make winding in from long distance a relatively painless task.

This is the biggest of the 'Baitrunner style' reels Shimano makes, and when we say the biggest, that's in terms of size, capacity and features. With 110 centimetres of line recovered per handle crank, five A-RB bearings, one roller bearing, two speed slow oscillation, cold forged drive gear, brass pinion, Power Roller, a machined aluminium handle, and an XT7 rotor and body to mention just a few of its assets, this is a reel unrivaled in its class.

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