Bank Angling Rod & Reel Combo

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The perfect starter combo for fresh water bank angling to catch the likes of Carp and occasional barbel, this combo quite often referred to as the "PAP Gooier" Combo and is great for fishing along South African river banks. Comes complete with Rod (Fishing pole), Reel, Line, Hooks and Signature series Loutjie Louwies dips & mielies (Bait)

1 x Shimano Fishing Rod * IX Spinning Joy Rod
1 x Shimano IX200 Reel
1 x Shimano fishing line (rated up to 3kg) 
1 x 14g pre-rigged double hook sliding mushroom weight
1 x 20g pre-rigged double hook sliding mushroom weight 
2 x Assorted & hookable flavoured mielies
2 x Assorted & hookable bleeding floats 
2 x Assorted flavoured mielie bomb dips
1 x 2kg ground Mielie feed 

This is the ideal starter pack for someone looking for a good quality product for weekend fun on the banks of any river.  


Shimano Fishing Rod * IX Spinning Joy Rod
Shimano SJ200m Graphite Fishing Rod, weighing 185g with a fast single handed cast action. The rod comes in 2 sections with 6 eyelets and when assembled stands 2 meters in total length allowing for a great casting distance. The rod is tested at 10 - 30kg breaking strain.

Shimano IX200 Reel

The lightweight Shimano IX rear-drag reel features Quick Fire II, a system used for easy and fast one-handed casting. (Rod, Reel & line also suitable for saltwater fishing, you just need to change your hooks, lures & bait)

Shimano line
Green 7lb / 3kg rated pre-wound line making it a grab an go kit. This line is multi-purpose and can also be used in salt water.

Sliding Rietvlei Mushroom Trace & Hook 
The set comes with 1 x 14g & 1 x 20g pre-rigged double hook sliding mushroom weight trace line, hook & baiting kit. We have pre-rigged this trace combo for you with 2 x 5kg rated hooks one below and one above the mushroom sinker. The mushroom sinker has been specially designed for you to put your "dipped" mielie bomb onto, making it an all in one baiting and catching system for a super easy fun fishing experience. 

Conoflex Bait & Bomb Combo.
We send this set out with a Loutjie Louwies signature series combo of 2 containers of flavoured mielie kernels (containing approx 100 kernels each), 2 containers of flavoured oozing floats / feed (containing approx 80 floats each), 2 x 50ml vials of scened dip and 1 x 2kg ground feed / mielie bomb mix.  

How to rig the Combo "Bomb"

Rigging Trace Combo to the reel line.

Tie the line from the trace to the line from the reel using a "Uni Knot" (You can google this knot to get various techniques to tie.)

Hook rigging: Alternately thread 2 / 3 mielie kernels and oozing floats on each hook * Choose your own flavour combo, you never know what the fish are going to be interested in... 

Bomb/weight rigging: Take a small palm full of the ground mielie feed and mix with some water and a few drops of the flavoured dip mix up into a relatively solid paste. Then cup the pasted around the mushroom weight until the weight is all covered. Then you all set to cast.

Tips for mielie weight bomb:  Be careful not to make it bomb too big as it may break up while casting. If your bomb paste is too wet it will slip off the mushroom weight while casting, if your bomb paste is too dry it will come apart and fly off the weight while casting. (There is quite a bit of trial and error here... but this is part of the fun of this type of fishing technique)  

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