Double-X Extreme Abrasion - Camo

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Double-X has always been the market leader in high abrasion lines with our Hi-Abrasion series... but with the launch of Extreme Abrasion, we've definitively secured our position on the podium

Double-X Extreme Abrasion is the ultimate co-polymer fishing line. It has the greatest tensile strength vs diameter. When compared with the current market leader, namely Double-X Hi-Abrasion, it has 10% stronger tensile strength, 20% stronger knot strength, and 6 times better abrasion resistance. When compared to most other monofilaments found in the market today, Extreme Abrasion comes out 20 times better in terms of abrasion resistance than those standard momofilaments

The colour is also unique, offering the angler the best of both. If you look at the line in the sun, it has a yellow tinge to the line that makes it more visible when out of the water, which is brilliant for a Camo line. However, when the line is submerged in water, it adopts a full "camo" appearance in place of that yellow tinge. When exposed to UV or white light, it will glow a fluorescent yellow, which will enable the angler to see the line better - especially when fighting a fish! A lot of consideration went into the base colour of the line for our local waters. When you or a fish for that matter look at the line from above, the line blends extremely well into the darker waters of the dam or ocean. We tested a number of different colour combinations in a variety of waters, both freshwater and saltwater and we found that the Extreme Abrasion offered the angler the best of both - less visible in the water and better visibility for a Camo line out of the water.

Double-X Extreme Abrasion is made by the best line producer in Japan, from a new material which has very unique characteristics. Of course combining the best line producer with the best materials will come at a hefty price - roughly 2.5 times more expensive for the raw materials verse the current Hi-Abrasion... However, once you have had the opportunity to fish with this line, the benefits become visibly evident, making the price point far less important

Just another reason why Double X is the most trusted line by anglers in South Africa... after all, "Our reputation is on the line".