F.A.I.R.® SLX 692 GOLD

Regular price R 33,477.33


The SLX 692 GOLD offers superb finishing and special attention to detail, as demonstrated in its beautiful engravings, with five golden inlays, as well as its selected quality walnut parts, fine-pitch laser checkering, and small brass oval embedded in the stock for engraving of initials: these are just some of the features of this SLX 692 GOLD version.

This versatile shotgun, steel shot-proofed for 12 and 20 ga., is available in classic 12-20-28-410 ga. with specially dedicated actions for 12 and 20 ga. (28 and 410 ga. use the 20 ga. action).

F.A.I.R.® also makes small-bore shotgun; although the line is the same as the 12 ga., our 20 ga., series features a smaller action, for which we have resized the whole gun, giving a substantially lighter weight.

SLX 692 GOLD models are produced with ejectors and selective golden single trigger (double trigger available on demand); 12, 20 and 28 ga. include interchangeable TECHNICHOKE® chokes and both are steel shot-proofed. An additional important feature of our 20 ga. models, is the possibility to have interchangeable 28 and 410 ga. barrels.