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The all-new 2013 Metanium is Shimano Japan's pride, offering the best performing baitcaster for serious tournament anglers. Revealed as an ultra-lightweight, super smooth bait casting reel with superb casting performance.

Its body construction combines high-tech magnesium alloy and CI4+ engineering carbon material to achieve its unprecedented light-weight and solid form.

The Metanium employs two innovative features to make it a real arsenal for serious anglers. Firstly is the micro module gear system, which provides amazing smooth gearing. Pinion and master gear has twice the number of gear teeth than previous models, to drastically reduce the gearing noise. The second is variable SVS Infinite centrifugal system, and you may adjust the centrifugal brake without opening side plate, at 20 levels. You may also change the number of brake blocks engaged at spool side, and will have quite wide range of brake settings.